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Case Studies

Real-World Examples of Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Technologies

See how Feather Friendly has successfully helped a wide range of organizations protect birds from collisions.


88 McNabb Street, Markham Ontario


The City of Markham experienced a serious problem with bird deaths when they first relocated their municipal building to a newly constructed atrium style structure at 8100 Warden Avenue. Convenience Group Inc. solved this problem by installing an attractive graphic window film solution called Feather Friendly® to the exterior glass surfaces up to tree-top level. Subsequently, the building owners of the complex at 88 McNabb in Markham wanted to add a covered walkway to their parking area. A glass-enclosed walkway design was conceived by the Toronto architectural firm of Page+Steele and was conceptualized in the initial design phase of the building but not installed until after it was constructed. The walkway structure, directly linked to the building was designed as a windbreak as well as a protected walkway to provide safe passage to the parking area.  The prior problem experienced by the city, with birds colliding with building glass, made it clear that adding a glass enclosed walkway along the property perimeter would present a similar difficulty.


Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Technology was applied to each glass panel surface to ensure that birds "see" the glass and don't collide. To be effective, the window film features a marker-pattern with specific spacing, density and contrast. A colorful pattern of blue, yellow and clear films were introduced strategically in alternating panels to create a beautiful overall effect. While providing safe commuter passage and urban wildlife sustainability were the primary concerns, the new walkway has also enhanced the cosmetic appearance of the entire property. The walkway installation took approximately two weeks to install.


Consilium Place, Scarborough Ontario


This complex consists of three buildings that experienced an unusual number of bird strikes, especially during the spring and fall migrations. The complex is in line with a natural flyway and both the windows and spandrels consist of highly reflective glass. A number of possible solutions were evaluated but none met all the needs of the property manager from the standpoint of preventing bird strikes, attractive appearance, longevity, and cost.


A Feather Friendly® Technology specifically designed as a retrofit solution for deterring bird collisions was applied to the entire exterior surface of the first four stories on two elevations on two towers as well as the atrium. Bird collisions were substantially reduced at minimal cost, while maintaining a pleasant appearance for the building for years to come.


Town of Markham, Ontario, Canada
A Happy Ending!


The Town of Markham had a serious problem with bird deaths associated with collisions with glass on one of their buildings. The atrium entrance at 8100 Warden initially contained shrubs and trees so these were removed to help alleviate some of the problem. Unfortunately, birds continued to attempt to fly into the glass in hopes of reaching the foliage on the other side of the atrium, and bird silhouette stickers also had no effect in reducing collisions. Additionally, the reflective glass on the two storey building also experienced a large number of bird deaths, especially in the spring and fall. 


A Feather Friendly® Solution for deterring bird collisions was applied to the exterior surface of the atrium as well as the reflective east facing windows to the height of the adjoining trees, and was more effective in reducing bird collisions.

Customer Comments:

“When we moved into the facility a few years ago, we were disturbed to regularly find injured or dead birds on the ground below our windows. We strongly felt that it was our collective responsibility to show leadership in create a sustainable community that is healthy for all creatures. Once we recognized that we could do something to reduce bird strikes, we made the decision to have the specialized solution installed on the exterior of our atrium and east facing windows. 

“While the solution was being installed, observers noted that birds continued to strike the windows that had not been protected. We are delighted that since the installation, there have been no reported bird collisions with the protected glass. 

“Now that we have seen the results firsthand, we are moving ahead on our other properties with a similar problem. We also will be encouraging the citizens of Markham to do the same.”

Victoria McGrath
Director, Sustainability Office
Town of Markham

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